Make productive meetings habitual with WorkPatterns for Zoom

Adam Berke
July 21, 2021

Our mission at WorkPatterns is to help managers create good habits (patterns if you will). So, we think about new ways our product can eliminate the friction that hinders good habit formation a lot. That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of the WorkPatterns app for Zoom, which brings WorkPatterns into the Zoom Meeting experience.

The four laws of good habit formation and productive meetings

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According to James Clear’s research in Atomic Habits, there are four laws to creating a good habit:

Rule #1: Make it obvious

Rule #2: Make it attractive

Rule #3: Make it easy

Rule #4: Make it satisfying

At WorkPatterns, we’re always looking to apply these principles to activities that improve the employee-manager relationship. 

How WorkPatterns helps managers and their teams make productive meetings habitual

Our main goal with the WorkPatterns app for Zoom was to seamlessly integrate WorkPatterns into the Zoom Meeting experience. Doing so would enable our users to connect the before, during, and after meeting activities that make meetings successful. That cohesive experience removes friction while delivering on the four laws of good habit formation:

Rule #1: Make it obvious

Our app is accessible directly from Zoom Meetings and the Zoom desktop client. Within meetings, you can share and send our app to other attendees to facilitate seamless collaboration and engagement.

Rule #2: Make it attractive

You can think of the WorkPatterns app for Zoom as another attendee that’s embedded and compatible with all your Zoom layouts. We built an entirely new “in-meeting” experience we refer to as Meeting Mode that displays a single topic at a time with notes and action items associated with that topic.

As attendees go through discussion topics they can collaborate on notes and capture next steps as action items, with everyone following along together. This boosts productivity and helps you stay focused by keeping your workflow going before, during, and after a meeting.

Rule #3: Make it easy

The WorkPatterns app for Zoom brings all of your one-on-one and group meeting workspaces right into Zoom Meetings and the desktop client. This makes the experience of using WorkPatterns in a Zoom meeting more cohesive and eliminates the need to flip between Zoom and the WorkPatterns website.

Rule #4: Make it satisfying

When you’ve completed the open items on your workspace, we’ll automatically create a meeting summary with next steps and email the summary to meeting participants. This eliminates the need to manually write up and distribute meeting notes.

It’s been an exciting experience to collaborate with Zoom on the launch of the WorkPatterns app for Zoom. Their team obviously has a ton of insight into what makes for effective meetings, and it’s been incredibly useful working with them to develop our app:

“We recognize that effective meetings aren’t just driven by activities during the meeting itself, but with the right employee behaviors before and after the meeting as well. The WorkPatterns App for Zoom is a step toward helping more users experience that vision for managers and their direct reports. WorkPatterns is enhancing the employee experience by reimagining what manager tools should look like and help unlock the potential of their teams. We’re excited to work together as the Zoom App Marketplace evolves to meet our users’ ever-changing needs.”

- Ross Mayfield, Product Lead, Zoom Apps & Integrations at Zoom

We’re excited to make our app available to existing and new customers alike and look forward to continuing to invest in this exciting new platform.

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