Better 1:1s
Happier Teams

Distributed teams need a new kind of toolkit. Anchoring on tools for better meetings, WorkPatterns guides workflows in between enabling asynchronous work and increasing alignment. By centralizing all of your recurring meeting agendas and action items, meetings become collaborative and effective.

Example of a workspace with collaboration features for distributed teams with asynchronous workpatterns

Intentional systems

Today, more than ever, teams need intentional systems to drive a culture of growth and success. Better virtual meetings are just the start.

WorkPatterns has become critical infrastructure for distributed teams

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Dan O'Conell
Dan O’Conell
CSO/CRO at Dialpad
“WorkPatterns went from being a helpful tool to critical infrastructure. It helps managers execute day-to-day and keep a pulse on how employees are feeling about their new normal. Our teams needed to shift from being ‘always on,’ to working asynchronously. WorkPatterns enabled us to clearly define success and work towards shared goals.”
Mary Sheehan
Mary Sheehan
Sr. Manager of PMM at Adobe
"Now more than ever, managers must have systems in place that ensure clear communication and alignment across their team, no matter where they are located. WorkPatterns simplifies the 1:1 process with a user-friendly experience that helps me and my team stay in sync and align on priorities no matter where we are."

One on Ones

The old way

Running doc that's ignored
No tracking of action items or decisions
Devolves to tactical status update

The WorkPatterns way

Templates encourage strategic discussion
Action items provide accountability
Guides work in between meetings

Performance reviews

The old way

Heavy process dreaded by all
Large timespans lead to recency bias
Criticism is often a surprise

The WorkPatterns way

Frequent light-weight feedback
Feedback must be given to be viewed
Consistency fosters employee growth


The old way

Ad hoc and favors assertive employees
Reliant on serendipitous encounters

The WorkPatterns way

Level playing field focused on results
Visibility improves employee morale


The old way

Constant disruptive pings for updates
Real-time noise confuses priorities

The WorkPatterns way

Asynchronous, enabling of deep work
Progress of work transparent to all

WorkPatterns integrates with the tools you already use every day

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