The people management system

Stay connected and aligned, regardless of where your team is physically located

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Time is your most precious resource. Make your One on Ones count.

How it Works:

Meeting Workflows

• All your meeting agendas in one place
• Standardize agendas for all of your direct reports with meeting templates
• An intuitive system for shared accountability

Feedback & Kudos

• Give your team actionable feedback
• Send it asynchronously to prompt reflection
• Enable peer to peer recognition

Goal Management

• Define and track personal development, team and organizational goals
• Automatic goal check-ins added to meeting agendas

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Supermanagers use Workpatterns with zoom, slack, microsoft reams, and asana

WorkPatterns guides people and management best practices not projects or process

Regardless of where your team is physically located, WorkPatterns guides people to work better, together

Team Accountability

Priorities are crystal clear, meetings productive

Streamline Communication

Eliminate ad hoc fire drills from your day-to-day


Feel in control, say goodbye to management chaos

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If you're thinking tool fatigue, stop right there

WorkPatterns integrates with the tools you use every day—and yes, this is different from Asana or Slack or Teams or Google docs. In fact, WorkPatterns works with all of them.

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Helping remote and distributed teams at Adobe ensure clear communication and alignment

“Now more than ever, managers must have systems in place that ensure clear communication and alignment across their team, WorkPatterns simplifies the 1:1 process with a user-friendly experience that helps me and my team stay in sync and align on priorities no matter where we are.”
Mary Sheehan
Sr. Manager of PMM

We offer a free version of WorkPatterns that is still pretty great so you can always use the app with your team. Zero risk, no credit card required.

Starter plan

Under 5 users

✔ 1:1 Workspaces
✔ Feedback & Kudos
✔ Slack, MS Teams & Video
✔ Integrations Action Items with Assignees & Due Dates
✘ Goals
✘ Unlimited Search History
✘ Private Notes & Workspace Export

$0 / year

Teams plan

5 to 50 users

✔ Unlimited 1:1 & Group Workspaces
✔ Individual & Team Goals
✔ Unlimited Search History
✔ Public vs. Private Controls
✔ Automated Check-ins
✔ Activity & Revision History
✔ Comments & Activity Notifications

$8 per user / month
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WorkPatterns is a people management system that empowers teams to operate more effectively and with greater clarity by guiding and enhancing the relationship between managers and their team.

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