WorkPatterns vs Fellow

A simple yet complete people management alternative to Fellow that goes way beyond meeting management

Key differences between WorkPatterns and Fellow


 WorkPatterns is a people management solution, not a meeting management solution

WorkPatterns is organized around workplace relationships, anchoring on the relationship between managers and their direct reports. While both tools offer solutions for one-on-one and team meetings, WorkPatterns goes way beyond this. WorkPatterns integrates other key activities and best practice behaviors like continuous feedback, employee recognition, goal setting, 360 reviews and people management analytics; providing a complete people management solution. 


WorkPatterns guides you to be a better manager and employee

A key differentiator between WorkPatterns and Fellow is how we have incorporated AI into our product to help guide management best practices. One example of this is FeedbackAI, feedback that literally writes itself for you. After selecting a few adjectives that describe your colleagues strengths and weaknesses, FeedbackAI will author examples of constructive feedback where you can select your favorite and then edit it to be more specific. 


WorkPatterns actually helps you prepare for meetings by flagging problems before they become fire drills

Another way we incorporate machine learning and AI into our product is with SurfaceAI. SurfaceAI integrates with the tools you use every day such as Google Drive, Asana, Jira, & Salesforce. The SurfaceAI algorithm continuously scans those tools and shows you what your colleagues are working on outside of WorkPatterns in the SurfaceAI tab. SurfaceAI will prioritize your feed based on what is most likely to be important to you with status updates to provide context that deep links to the page, task, ticket or opportunity from an integrated tool. You can add items to upcoming meeting agendas directly from your SurfaceAI page, making it easier than ever to show up prepared. 

See how WorkPatterns and Fellow compare for all your people management needs


General Pricing

$8/user per month

$9/user per month

Enterprise Plan

As low as $5/per user

Price upon request

Free Trial

21 day free trial

14 day free trial

Core Feature Sets

Meeting Management

Performance Management

Goal Management

Feature Breakdown

Dedicated spaces for 1:1 & team meetings where you can tie together agendas, feedback, recognition, goals, & action items

Individual, Team, & Company Goals


360 Reviews

AI Assistants to automate tedious management tasks

Meeting mode to keep meeting attendees focused & engaged


Action Items

Meeting agenda templates *custom & pre-built


Calendar Integration

Browser Extensions

Zoom App

HRIS & Custom Integratinos

Smart Links

Visibility into work happening across other tools so you can add items to your agenda

Deep CRM integration and specialized features for go-to-market teams

Mobile App

Feedback, Recognition, & Goals

Ability to give & request feedback

1:1 continuous feedback

Employee recognition

Ability to share recognition outside of tool i.e., to Slack or MS Teams

Private, 1:1, Team, & Company goals

Other usability features

Stored Data History

Public links

Guest users

The best tool for meetings & prioritization

It's simplistic yet powerful interface. It does an amazing job keeping me organized and it sends friendly reminders to ensure tasks are done on time. I also like the feature to give kudos to my peers and request feedback from our leaders

Peter R
Sales Enablement Manager
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Making people management easy and fun

“I enjoy meeting mode, and it makes talking through items easy. Tracking goals is another great feature. It's mighty powerful and makes someone's goals accountable. The recurring option is really useful as well.”

Ryan B
Lead Software Engineer
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Our mission at WorkPatterns

At WorkPatterns we work tirelessly to help teams to operate more effectively and with greater clarity by guiding and enhancing the relationship between managers and their direct reports.

The people management tool loved by managers and teams

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