Continuous feedback builds a culture of open dialogue

WorkPatterns makes it easy to give and receive continuous feedback in real-time throughout your workweek.

Example of asynchronous feedback with continuous feedback loops

See how high performing teams strengthen team performance and relationships with continuous feedback

Feedback is extremely important, but can be difficult to deliver. WorkPatterns enables employees and managers to keep feedback freely flowing and drive progress forward.

Celebrate wins of all sizes
Boost team morale
Create a supportive culture of gratitude

Recognition can no longer be dependent on serendipitous hallway encounters. Kudos allows managers, employees, and peers to celebrate wins virtually.

Give teammates kudos in public or private settings

Anyone can give another teammate kudos in a one on one or shared group workspace

Example of private kudos

Keep it between you and a teammate or broadcast it publicly

Example of attaching gifs to kudos to support asynchronous communication

Attach gifs along with text to make recognition more fun and personal

Share your kudos on Slack or Microsoft Teams in a distributed teams model

Share outside of WorkPatterns to put your teammate in the spotlight via Slack or MS Teams

Feedback and kudos are preserved in a timeline and attached to your workspaces

See a history of all the activity in a workspace to keep teams and managers accountable
  • Track progress and performance trends over time.
  • The historical views levels the playing field for annual reviews

The benefits of continuous feedback and recognition

  • Boosts morale
  • Strengthens relationships
  • Fosters collaboration
  • Improves employee confidence
  • Increases productivity
  • Reduces employee turnover
  • Improves sense of belonging

Loved by high performing teams and managers

“My startup team went from 4 to 40 people in a span of 2 months. WorkPatterns helped me manage my relationship with each one and structure our discussions in a thoughtful format. The product included delightful touches that encouraged giving feedback and kudos. It made being a new manager smooth and easy. I look forward to continuing to use WorkPatterns!”
Karthy Chandra
Founder and CEO
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