WorkPatterns is on a mission make the adoption of continuous feedback easy. So, we built FeedbackAI, a powerful feedback management software platform.

Break the blank page problem with AI powered suggestions.

Remove the friction that prevents continuous constructive feedback. Develop employees individually, thrive collectively.

Celebrate wins of all sizes.
Boost team morale.
Create a supportive culture of gratitude with our continuous feedback software, regardless of where employees are physically located.

Recognition can no longer be dependent on serendipitous hallway encounters. Kudos allows managers, employees, and peers to celebrate wins from anywhere.

Create and move topics between workspaces asynchronously

Feedback and kudos are preserved in a timeline and attached to your workspaces

  • ✔️ Track progress and performance trends over time.
  • ✔️ Historical views level the playing field for annual reviews

Loved by High Performing Teams & Managers

My startup team went from 4 to 40 people in a span of 2 months. WorkPatterns helped me manage my relationship with each one and structure our discussions in a thoughtful format. The product included delightful touches that encouraged giving feedback and kudos. It made being a new manager smooth and easy. I look forward to continuing to use WorkPatterns!
Karthy Chandra
Founder and CEO
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