Managing remote and distributed teams requires a new kind of toolkit

Help your team execute no matter where they are

Example of a workspace for managing remote and distributed teams

Today, more than ever, teams need intentional systems to drive a culture of growth and success.  Better virtual meetings are just the start.

Give and receive constructive feedback from teams with video recordings

Built-in video creates deeper connections for distributed teams

Lightweight feedback and kudos make it easy to recognize the small wins when office high fives aren't available.

Create action items from agendas

Turn agendas into action

Distributed teams need good meeting hygiene to ensure clear communication and expectations. WorkPatterns provides a collaborative agenda for recurring meetings so everyone can add topics, comments, and record action items with clear owners and due dates.

Asynchronous action item assignment allows distributed and remote teams to collaborate

Transparency and accountability

The ability to work asynchronously and focus on outcomes is key for distributed and remote teams. WorkPatterns makes it easy to see what you’re responsible for and what people on your team are working on. No more distracting pings or “what’s going on with…?” messages.

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