Meeting management

Make every meeting a productive one.

Do unproductive meetings have you feeling frustrated and demoralized? WorkPatterns helps managers and their teams stay connected and work with clarity.

Showing up prepared starts with a meeting agenda

Time is valuable, WorkPatterns makes it easy for you to ensure meetings are set up for success.

Collaborate on agendas

  • Workspaces are your home base for ideas, add them as they arise and flesh them out later.
  • Notifications let workspace members know about new discussion topics as attendees collaborate.

Meeting agenda templates

  • Keep the meeting's purpose top of mind by giving the time some structure.
  • Use one of our templates, customize them, or build your own from scratch.

WorkPatterns is the only app that actually helps you prepare for your meetings.

SurfaceAI turns integrations into actionable insights.

Connect the tools your team uses to get work done

Create and move topics between workspaces asynchronously

Have visibility into how work is progressing across external tools

See something you want to check-in on? Add it to your next agenda.

Keep attendees focused and engaged. Reduce distraction and tangents.

Meeting mode converts your collaborative workspace into a guided in-meeting experience.

WorkPatterns takes you through your agenda one topic at a time.

Record notes and decisions made as action items with owners and deadlines.

Suggested topics within Workpatterns to help teams be prepared for meetings

Build accountability into your meeting culture.

Follow the progress of action items as they progress between meetings

Record videos to collaborate asynchronously

Simplify meeting follow-up

WorkPatterns automates meeting summary distribution to all attendees.

Leave comments to collaborate asynchronously

Track progress over time with transparency.

Past discussions and decisions made live as a searchable timeline in your workspaces

Organize and lead meetings of all types, all in one place.

One-on-one meetings

Facilitate a two-way conversation between managers and their direct reports.

Team meetings

Collaborative agendas ensure attendees show up prepared and ready to participate.

Virtual meetings

Purpose-built features that improve the in-meeting experience reduce distraction and multi-tasking.

Customer stories featuring

Lindsey Boggs
Digital Sales Leader

How WorkPatterns helped Lindsey Boggs win Citrix’s manager of the year award

“...WorkPatterns has changed my leadership for the better. My direct reports are thriving and WorkPatterns has played a huge role in that...

Start having meetings that work together with WorkPatterns