Effective meetings happen on WorkPatterns.

WorkPatterns is the meeting management system for keeping employees engaged, productive, and aligned.

Reduce your mental load – put meeting collaboration and people management on guide rails

Effective meetings of all types all in one place

One on one meetings

Standardize meeting formats across all your 1:1s in a single system.

Team meetings

Collaborate on meeting discussion topics with shared agendas.

Virtual meetings

Improve meeting engagement with shared agendas so employees can thrive from anywhere.

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Agenda manager showing collaborative team functionality

Agenda manager

Effective meetings start with agendas that are clear and collaborative. Create a repeatable framework for all your recurring meetings.

Collaborative agendas that support engaged distributed teams

Discussion topics

Attendees can add discussion topics to a shared agenda throughout the week. Collaborative agendas ensure everyone comes prepared and ready to engage.

Team alignment with action items that you can assign to each other

Action items

Convert discussion topics into action items with clear ownership & due dates. Keep your team aligned on decisions made and cut status updates forever.

All your workspace history preserved as a timeline

Meeting management, performance management and project management decisions tracked over time so you can easily look back.

example of showing workspace history keeps teams accountable

Automate process without sacrificing the simple interface that teams need

Create and move topics between workspaces asynchronously

Move across workspaces

Sometimes topics are surfaced in one meeting that you realize should be broadcasted further. Easily move or copy the item to another workspace to get the message out. Makes meetings work together.

Suggested topics within Workpatterns to help teams be prepared for meetings

Suggested topics

Coming up with meaningful discussion topics for every one-on-one can be a challenge. Suggested topics help get the conversation going.

Make discussion topics recurring so you can check in on progress or changes of projects

Recurring topics

Some topics need to be brought up at every meeting. For those, just set them as recurring at the cadence you desire. They’ll automatically show up on your meeting agenda.

Leave comments to collaborate asynchronously


Tag stakeholders with more context to ensure everyone comes to the meeting on the same page.

Record videos to collaborate asynchronously

Video notes

Use video notes to convey ideas that are complex without needing a pre-meeting to the meeting.

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“After reading a book about how effective 1:1s and staff meetings can make or break your team, I knew I had to change mine. After some quick Googling, I thankfully found WorkPatterns and it took me from a manager to a leader. WorkPatterns has changed my leadership for the better. My direct reports are thriving and WorkPatterns has played a huge role in that. When they leave my team, they tell me how much they miss WorkPatterns! If you're ready to take your leadership to the next level, invest in your 1:1s and staff meetings, use WorkPatterns -- you will see results right away like I did.”
Lindsey Boggs
Digital Sales Leader
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