Frequently Asked Questions

What are pipeline stages?

WorkPatterns assigns a pipeline stage to all of your accounts based on your patterns of communication with the account. The stage is an estimate of where you stand with an account and how close they are to closing. There are 4 pipeline stages: Outreach, Engaged, Hot Deal and Gone Cold.

The diagram below shows how an account moves between the four stages based on your interactions with them.

pipeline stages diagram.jpg

Below, we’ll explain what each stage represents and exactly when accounts are assigned that stage.

Outreach - This stage represents an account that you’ve initiated communication with but which hasn’t responded yet. Any account that you have emailed but which has never emailed you back is assigned to the Outreach stage.

Engaged  - This stage represents an account that has responded to your communication, but which hasn’t committed to a meeting yet. Any account that you have emailed, which has emailed you back, but which you have no meetings with is assigned to the Engaged Stage.

Hot Deal - This stage represents an account that has responded to your communication and either has had a meeting with you or has a meeting scheduled with you.

Gone Cold - This stage represents an account that you communicated with in the past, but have now lost touch with. Any account that you have had no interaction with in the last two weeks is assigned to the Gone Cold stage. If you resume interaction with an account that’s gone cold, it will be brought out of the gone cold stage.

What is “Focus Time?”

Focus time is our estimate of how much time you have in your workday for deep, focused work.  

WorkPatterns calculates focus time by constructing a timeline of the activities you performed each weekday between 9 AM and 6 PM, as shown in the example below:


Intervals of the timeline that are not occupied by activities are separated into “free time blocks”, shown in grey in the example above.

Since a small amount of free time is not enough for deep, focused work, free time blocks that are less than half an hour are discarded. The remaining time blocks, shown in gold, are totaled to give our estimate of your focus time for the day.

Questions & Concerns

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