Goal management software

Goal management software that keeps teams on track

Goal setting that’s lightweight, flexible, measurable, and results-oriented, the WorkPatterns way.

Smart goal setting, all in one place

Smart goals for work must be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. Set employee goals for a career development plan or quarterly goals for your team. WorkPatterns solves for goal setting with a simple, intuitive creation and management process. Our goal management software helps by making best practices automatic, so you and your team can collaborate without a clunky interface getting in the way.

Because the platform adds discussion topics to your meeting agendas automatically, you can stop worrying about tracking each team member’s priorities on your own. When you use WorkPatterns to manage your one-on-one and recurring team meetings, goals can slot right into your existing cadence without effort. Discuss goals, offer constructive criticism and collaborate on next steps all in the same place.

Example of smart goals
Example of goal management check-in

Goal management finally emerged from a spreadsheet

Goals are integrated with one-on-one and group workspaces, keeping them top-of-mind. You define a check-in interval which adds a discussion topic to your meeting agenda. Stay on track, surface blockers and adjust your goal action plan - all in WorkPatterns.

Streamlined and silo-free

This business goal-tracking software avoids many of the common pitfalls associated with spreadsheets and other methods. There won’t be any more wrestling with siloed workflows that don’t integrate or multiple versions creating confusion. The streamlined, automated and integrated nature of our goal management tools means the information you need will be exactly where you need it.

An action plan for goals that guides progress

Easily measure progress and coordinate across teams by creating Action Items associated with goals. Collaborate on team goals by tasking individuals with creating their own action items. Keep tabs on all your goals on the Team Page.

Keep everyone accountable

Our employee goal-setting software solution makes everything clear, with due dates and owners connected to each action item. This helps everyone see how their tasks are connected to the goals and helps you track progress.

See the big picture on a personal level

You also have the ability to sort and filter goals by person or department, as well as add tags for enhanced visibility. Each goal also has a visibility setting, so you can establish personal goals for individual employees that are only visible to you and them.

Example of lightweight goal setting for asynchronous updates

Flexible and intuitive goal setting and goal management

WorkPatterns goals are lightweight and versatile. They work for company goals, OKRs, project and personal career development goals. You choose who can see the goals and set them as long term or short term.

Create, adapt and overcome

WorkPatterns’ tools for managers can help your goals stay top of mind and have measurable results. The flexibility of our goal management platform gives you the ability to run the goal-setting framework that best fits your organization and objectives. On top of that, goals are exceptionally easy to create, with a quick and intuitive interface that strips away all the unnecessary dropdowns, buttons and menus of other systems.

Loved by high performing teams & managers

“Now more than ever, managers must have systems in place that ensure clear communication and alignment across their team, WorkPatterns simplifies the 1:1 process with a user-friendly experience that helps me and my team stay in sync and align on priorities no matter where we are.”
Mary Sheehan
Sr. Manager of PMM
Headshot of Mary Sheehan from Adobe