It Feels Good to Feel Focused

The modern workspace is full of distractions. My Time helps you quantify your efforts so you can focus on the things that matter most.


Automating the habits of intentional leaders

The best leaders know the importance of weekly calendar audits, but most of us don’t have an EA to help us go through the process. My Time connects to the apps you use every day to automatically measure your time spent on various activities and report back to you in a clear and actionable format.

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Quick, easy, and automatic

WorkPatterns connects to the apps you’re already using and automatically categorizes activities into the buckets you care about. Surface data you’ve always wondered about and track your progress going forward.

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Keep your eye on the ball

Distractions happen, and fires need to be put out. But top performers take a proactive approach to managing their time. By measuring your focus on your top priorities, you can identify problem areas, spot activities you need to delegate, and quantify your progress.

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Build alignment, trust, and empathy

Decide what data to share with stakeholders to convey your focus areas and have more objective conversations about priorities and trade offs. Use data to tell your story with your manager or colleagues.


Built for intentional leaders

We’ve built My Time analytics with leaders like you in mind. Join our private beta and help shape the next phase of product development.

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Single click integrations

Pick from our pre-built integrations and you’ll be up and running in a few clicks. New data sources get added regularly.


Configurable and customizable

Use our auto categorization or create custom tags for a more personalized view. They system gets smarter as you use it.

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Personal and private

You’re in control of your data. Keep the data for personal use or share specific metrics to encourage transparency and alignment.

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