Operational excellence made easy

Replace your scattered one-on-one docs and meeting agendas with My Work workspaces to improve alignment, accountability, and follow up.


Better one-on-ones and group meetings

My Work creates shared workspaces for your recurring meetings that allow participants to add discussion topics, assign action items and due dates.

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Get organized, stay focused

Keep all your notes, agendas, and action items for your one-on-ones and recurring meetings in one place. Easily see what needs follow up and quickly add topics to shared agendas while the thought is fresh.


Better alignment and accountability

Clear ownership is critical for high functioning teams. My Work makes accountability automatic with single click assignments for action items and a unified view of who’s responsible for what.


Control what you share

Sometimes you want to broadcast a thought to your collaborators, and sometimes you just want to make a note for yourself. Shared and private sections allow you to keep all your notes in once place without having to make everything public.


Purpose built for intentional leaders

One-on-ones are the operational building block of a company and deserve a tool built specifically for making these meetings more effective.

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Set up in seconds

Just copy and paste your existing doc into a workspace and we’ll convert it to smart WorkPatterns agenda items

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Share tasks and action items

Keep track of important topics and tasks in one place. Assign specific people and due dates to set clear expectations.

Integrate with existing tools

Use our Chrome extension, Slack app, or Salesforce integration so you don’t have to change your workflows.


Try our private beta

If you’re on this page, it means you’re someone we trust and can get started today!

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