WorkPatterns Sales Assistant improves CRM data quality with no fuss

Automate the CRM admin work that reps hate and managers hate pestering about.

Workpatterns sales assistant integration for CRMs

No one likes CRM busy work

WorkPatterns created Sales Assist to automate the repetitive, but critical tasks that ensure CRM data quality, accurate forecasts, and predictable pipelines.

Set custom notifications for how to communicate with distributed teams

Automate best practices

Easily define the behaviors you care about, and reps will be notified as issues arise so they can resolve them quickly. Fix past due close dates, contacts missing from the CRM, and other best practices.

Improve CRM data quality with a score

Improve CRM data quality

Sales Assist helps reps keep their pipelines accurate so management has greater visibility and better data to guide decisions.

Allow sales teams to reduce time spent on pipeline issues with action items

Reduces time spent on non-revenue generating activity

With Sales Assist, reps can resolve all their pipeline issues with just a few clicks, drastically reducing the time spent on CRM admin work.

Customer stories featuring

Marilyn Valace
VP of Sales

How Impact uses WorkPatterns to achieve operational excellence

”WorkPatterns has helped our managers and employees work with clarity and alignment during the challenging transition to remote work...”

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