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WorkPatterns + Slack makes communication, alignment and accountability simple and intuitive.

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Supermanagers use Workpatterns with zoom, slack, microsoft reams, and asana

WorkPatterns is a people management system that empowers teams to operate more effectively and with greater clarity by guiding and enhancing the relationship between managers and their direct reports.

Bring WorkPatterns to the place where communication happens with our Slack integration

Collaborative and dynamic meeting agendas

Fluid goal management fosters alignment for individuals and teams

An aggregated view of upcoming meetings, action items, and goals

Feedback & recognition to develop individuals and stronger teams

WorkPatterns brings Team Collaboration, 1:1s, Continuous Feedback, Recognition & Goals into one place. Users can create shared workspaces for recurring meetings, add discussion topics and assign action items with due dates. Meetings become collaborative, accountability automatic, and transparency crystal clear. Try WorkPatterns to unlock these benefits:

Slack integration to create an action item

Create action items on WorkPatterns with our Slack integration

The create action item command will create WorkPatterns action items from a conversation thread in Slack. After an action item is created, the bot will post a link to the item so everyone in the conversation can see it.

Public feedback and kudos in Slack integration

Share WorkPatterns kudos socially with our Slack integration

Enable your team to publicly celebrate employees’ achievements by sharing kudos given in WorkPatterns to any channel in Slack.

Notifications in slack integration

Stay informed about WorkPatterns updates without leaving Slack

Receive important notifications about activity on WorkPatterns. The app will deliver the following types of notifications:

When an action item in WorkPatterns is past due

When you've been assigned an action item in WorkPatterns

Reminders to prepare for upcoming one-on-one meetings

Comment threads in your WorkPatterns workspaces

Connect Slack to WorkPatterns

The WorkPatterns App for Slack is a bot that can be added to a Slack channel, group chat or private conversation. WorkPatterns for Slack is free to use for all WorkPatterns users who have a Slack account. Learn more about all of WorkPatterns' integrations.