WorkPatterns helps create a more effective, transparent and enjoyable workplace by providing data driven insights into how people communicate and collaborate. Our system ingests activity data from the tools people are already using and applies machine learning to generate insights that help people better utilize their most valuable asset, their time.

Our team is passionate, product oriented, and have previously founded successful startups (AdRoll, and startups in digital health and edtech.) We are graduates from Harvey Mudd College, Johns Hopkins, and UCLA with degrees in Math, Economics and PhD in Computer Science. And YES, we’re hiring!

The Team… So Far


Dmitri Skjorshammer


Adam Berke


Noah Duncan

Some guiding principles

While our culture is still nascent and new team members will help to shape it, we have a few ideas for the environment that we want to be a part of:

  • Resilient and curious learners - building a company inherently requires stepping out of your comfort zone, so failures/mistakes come with the territory. That’s OK and should be embraced. The important thing is the overall trajectory of the line.

  • Innovating our operations - our product is based on the core idea that people can be more effective if given the right objective data about how they and their peers work. It’s therefore foundational that we’ll experiment in enabling people to work where and when they do their best work. There are trade offs to any system and we’ll adjust along the way, but we can do better than the archetype of shooting each other with nerf guns in an open floor plan between the hours of 9-6pm Monday through Friday.

  • Pride in our work - our jobs make up a big part of our identity, so let’s make that part something we’re proud of. We look for people who show a sincere passion for their craft. They spend time researching, reading, listening to podcasts, etc to improve themselves.

  • Adaptive and flexible - we’re building a business in a category that is yet to be formed, so we’ll have to learn as we go and can’t just follow a set playbook. “Comfort with change” is a bit cliche, but it’s especially relevant for us.

  • A team that reflects our customers -  as a fairly homogeneous founding team, we recognize that we’re starting from a deficit, and will need to be proactive about building a team with a greater diversity of backgrounds, ideas, and experiences.

  • Focus on the customer - path to product/market fit is hard and uncertain. We use customer feedback as the compass. That doesn’t mean we take every customer requests as a literal requirement, but we use customer feedback to guide us in identifying root causes and inferring “jobs to be done.”

  • Guided by data, but decisive without it - we’re disciplined about proving/disproving our hypotheses with metrics, while recognizing that we’ll often be operating without perfect information and must have a bias for action.

  • Squad goals - so many problems can be avoided if you assume people have the best intentions. We attack the idea, never the person. And for goodness sake, everything just goes so much more smoothly if you don’t take yourself too seriously.