People management, simplified.

WorkPatterns is the people management app where managers organize, motivate, and engage their teams.

One on one meeting workspace


Keep your team aligned and on track no matter where they work from

Now more than ever, managers need a new set of tools to help their teams perform at their best.

WorkPatterns has reimagined people management, helping managers and teams stay connected and operate effectively.


See how high performing teams use WorkPatterns

One on ones, team collaboration, feedback, recognition & goals.
All in one place.

Create discussion topics for collaborative asynchronous team

Make every meeting a productive one

Effective meetings have a few key ingredients; team collaboration, employee engagement, and clear outcomes. Time is a precious resource, don’t waste it with status updates.

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Exchange continuous feedback asynchronously

Open lines of continuous feedback

Performance management doesn't have to be so heavy. Feedback delivered in context accelerates personal and organizational growth. High performing teams exchange horizontal and vertical feedback frequently.

Discover how
goal management and status tracking

Continuously measure progress and coordinate across teams

Goals in the workplace must be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. Whether you’re setting individual goals for a career development plan or quarterly OKRs for your team, WorkPatterns solves for goal setting use cases with one simple and intuitive creation and management process.

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High performing teams have great meetings

WorkPatterns gives teams the modern management tools to stay connected and aligned. Agendas are collaborative, attendees come prepared and outcomes are clear.

Improve your meeting culture and boost team engagement

Feedback and recognition that's simple & lightweight

All your teams’ action items and goals all in one place

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Loved by high performing teams & managers

“With COVID-19, WorkPatterns went from being a helpful tool to a critical piece of infrastructure. It helps our managers both execute day-to-day tasks, and also keep their fingers on the pulse of how our employees are feeling about their new normal. Our employees, especially parents, needed to shift from being ‘always on,’ to  working asynchronously. WorkPatterns enabled us to clearly define success and work towards shared goals.”
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