About us

Our story, our work patterns.

We build software that improves workplace relationships

Why our work matters

People spend a lot of time at work. That time has a big impact on how people feel and how they show up in their personal relationships. If you’re unhappy at work, you’re likely to carry that stress into other aspects of your life. The majority of stress at work can be alleviated through working with good managers.

If you have a bad management culture and you implement a new chat app, you’ll still have a bad management culture. It’ll simply move the problems to a new environment. The world has many collaboration tools that just amplify the culture already exists. What if we could create a tool to improve management culture?

Our mission at WorkPatterns

At WorkPatterns we work tirelessly to help teams to operate more effectively and with greater clarity by guiding and enhancing the relationship between managers and their direct reports.

Meet the Team

Noah Duncan
Noah Duncan
co-founder, Engineering
Adam Berke
Adam Berke
co-founder, CEO
Marlo Oster
Marlo Oster
Emerald Nwanne
Josh Smith
Josh Smith
Anisha Kaul
Anisha Kaul
Dmitri Skjorshammer
Jessy Preston
JP Baertson
Katie Gold
JP Baertson
JP Baertson
Customer Success

Our values

This is who we are and the values that guide us forward as a team

We're resilient

Achieving our mission will require persistent execution and rapid adaptation as we learn and iterate.

We're inspired

Inventing new solutions for new challenges is a guiding principle for our product and the way we operate as a team.

We delight

Being pretty isn't enough, we're committed to building a product that sparks joy for our end-users.

We care, a lot

Work should be a source of pride, meaning, accomplishment, and a place where you develop lasting relationships. What we do is who we are. We care a lot about our work, we also care about each other.

Well being

We believe people do their best work when they’re satisfied in all aspects of their life. Internally, we embrace this by prioritizing flexibility, work-life balance, focus time, and asynchronous collaboration.

What’s it like at WorkPatterns?

Our team is passionate, product oriented, and have previously founded successful startups (AdRoll/NextRoll, and startups in digital health and edtech.)

We started with a hybrid work structure from day 1 (way back in 2018!) Our operating cadence puts a focus on asynchronous communication and uninterrupted focus time, but also allows for the right amount synchronous collaboration and regularly scheduled in-person offsites:

Quarterly in-person offsite

These are 2 days long and have been held in SF, LA, and Mexico City. The goal is to plan for the next quarter as well as have time to get to know each other in a real world setting.

Mid-quarter check in

In between offsites, we have a virtual check in to see what’s working well and what needs to be changed from the plan developed at the offsite.

Bi-weekly sprint planning

We work in 2 week sprints that keep us nimble but also ensure clear deliverables.

Weekly sync

We kickoff every monday with a full team sync to align for the week’s work and to set us up for working autonomously without too many interruptions.

We are fully remote, many of our team members are based in California but as we grow, we're adding people from different timezones and regions.

Careers at WorkPatterns

WorkPatterns is a people management system that's guiding the way managers and employees engage in the modern era.



Frank Blake Sr
Former CEO of Home Depot
Frank Blake Jr
GM, Home Depot
Auren Hoffman
Co-Founder and CEO, LiveRamp
Michael Stoppelman
Former SVP Eng, Yelp
Mila Ferrell
PM, Zoom
Sunil Paul
CEO of Spring Free EV, Board of Directors at Zynga