WorkPatterns vs Google Docs for 1:1s

Adam Berke
July 15, 2021

Many managers who start using WorkPatterns switch from a Google Doc for organizing their 1:1s because they want a purpose-built tool to help them up their leadership game. This is a common graduation path for many essential business functions. For example, at some point, you grow out of tracking your finances in a spreadsheet and start using a tool like Quickbooks or other accounting software. The same can be said for Management, and it’s hard to think of a more essential business function than the workflows between a manager and their direct reports.

WorkPatterns is expressly built for this purpose, so it offers a slew of benefits over a Google Doc, which is designed primarily for creating text documents (as its name would suggest). Let’s look at a few:

Robust action item functionality

  • Accountability is an essential component of an effective work relationship, so WorkPatterns provides action item functionality with due dates, priorities, and comment thread. Also, since WorkPatterns is designed for managing teams, we make it easy to see action items across people all in one place. This provides greater visibility and easier resource planning since you’ll know who has what on their plate.
WorkPatterns action item functionality make team management easy

Guided workflows for feedback and recognition

  • Giving and receiving feedback is one of the most beneficial activities a manager can perform. However, getting in the habit can be hard and writing good feedback can be time consuming. WorkPatterns takes friction out of this high-value activity by providing reminders to keep you on a good cadence. As an example, FeedbackAI, our AI writing assistant, generates editable feedback examples for you to personalize based on selecting just a few descriptors from a list.

WorkPatterns has feedback features to celebrate wins of all sizes

Actionable integrations 

  • WorkPatterns integrates with the other tools you use every day and leverages our WorkAI algorithm to surface items that need your attention or that should be discussed in a 1:1 or group meeting. With just a few clicks, you can connect WorkPatterns to apps like Jira, Github, Salesforce, Hubspot, as well as Google Workspaces and Office365 - you’ll never go into a 1:1 unprepared again.
Become a supermanager with WorkPatterns!

Analytics and insights

  • WorkPatterns provides managers and executives with dashboards to see how their teams are operating and to ensure they’re following best practices. Now you can clearly see what’s going well, and what areas might need more active coaching.

A comprehensive dashboard for monitoring team activity in WorkPatterns

Goal Setting

  • High performing teams have clear priorities and track their accomplishments against clearly defined goals. WorkPatterns Goals are a lightweight structure for creating goals that automatically adds check-ins into your 1:1 cadence so you stay on top of progress. This helps managers stay proactive instead of waiting until the end of the quarter to realize they should have made a course correction.

Track progress on your team's goals in WorkPatterns

Google Docs are great for writing and collaborating on a text document, but they’re not the ideal tool for guiding the relationship between managers and their direct reports. WorkPatterns is built from the ground up for this exact purpose, which we believe is one of the most important functions within an organization. If you also believe great management is the building block of a successful company, then we have the purpose-built tool for you.

Embedded Video

  • Our embedded video functionality allows you to include video messages or screen recordings within discussion topics, action items, and comments. Text is great, but sometimes you need the additional context you get from video, especially with hybrid and remote teams.

WorkPatterns embedded video allows you to seamlessly communicate with teammates

Exceptional leaders know that the relationship between employees and their managers is the key driver of workplace productivity and engagement. WorkPatterns combines the ease and simplicity of Google Docs with the thoughtfulness of a tool built specifically for effective collaboration. Whether you’re a manager struggling to stay on top of things, or a CEO whose organization has outgrown its systems, WorkPatterns provides the guidance and streamlined workflows managers need to upgrade their meeting workflows.

WorkPatterns provides One on Ones, Team Collaboration, Feedback, Recognition & Goals — all in one place. With WorkPatterns, you can build team morale with kudos, continuous feedback, clear goal management, and more.

If you have any questions, reach out to our team at any time. We love hearing from you!

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