WorkPatterns vs Google Docs

Way more than a blank document. WorkPatterns is a purpose-built tool to guide work before, during, and after every meeting.

Key differences between WorkPatterns and Google Docs


WorkPatterns is a purpose built tool that guides workplace relationships, not just a blank document

While Google Docs are primarily built for creating text documents, WorkPatterns is designed to guide your team relationships with purpose built features that promote better collaboration and communication. With robust action item functionality keeping your team accountable, guided workflows to take the friction out of giving and receiving feedback, and flexible goal setting to match your team’s needs - WorkPatterns combines the simplicity of Google Docs with the thoughtfulness of a tool built specifically for effective collaboration.


WorkPatterns makes it easy to build a culture of continuous feedback

WorkPatterns’ guided workflows give your team the tools they need to give and receive better feedback. Instead of digging through Google Docs for a generic feedback template created before your time, WorkPatterns helps create standard workflows that save time and improve communication. With Feedback AI, your team will have the freedom to share constructive feedback without spending valuable time trying to find the right words. After you give FeedbackAI a few adjectives that describe your colleagues' strengths and weaknesses, it will generate a few sentences of constructive feedback for you to use. Break the blank page problem with a tool that helps you fill in the gaps between meetings.


WorkPatterns helps you team keep track of team goals

Google Docs are useful for writing and collaborating on a text document, but WorkPatterns is designed specifically for guiding the relationship between team members. With WorkPatterns’ newly redesigned goals feature, team goals now seamlessly fit into your existing cadence. Our goals feature is lightweight and versatile so it will work for your team now and in the future with options for company goals, OKRs, project and personal career development goals and tons more. WorkPatterns automatically adds discussion topics to your meeting agendas, reminding you to regularly check in your goals and making best practices automatic. 

See how WorkPatterns and Google Docs compare for all your people management needs

Core Feature Sets

Meeting Management

Performance Management

Goal Management

Feature Breakdown

Dedicated spaces for 1:1 & team meetings where you can tie together agendas, feedback, recognition, goals, & action items

Collaborative meeting agenda building

Individual, Team, & Company Goals


360 Reviews

AI Assistants to automate tedious management tasks

Meeting mode to keep meeting attendees focused & engaged


Action Items

Meeting agenda templates *custom & pre-built


Calendar Integration

Browser Extensions

Zoom App

HRIS & Custom Integratinos

Smart Links

Visibility into work happening across other tools so you can add items to your agenda

Mobile App

Feedback, Recognition, & Goals

Ability to give & request feedback

1:1 continuous feedback

Employee recognition

Ability to share recognition outside of tool i.e., to Slack or MS Teams

Private, 1:1, Team, & Company goals

Other usability features

Stored Data History

Public links

Guest users

Keeps meetings focused & organized

I enjoy the meeting mode that Workpatterns provides. It's easy to add topics and make follow-up tasks that you can action. The meeting pulse sent afterward, and follow-ups on your tasks really help keep me organized.

Lisa S
Marketing Director
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Way better than a shared document

The consistency of topics from meeting to meeting makes it easy. Meeting mode is a great way to manage the meeting flow. I'm not familiar with any competitor products beyond using a shared document. This tool is WAY better than relying on a shared document.

Kevin C
Senior Account Manager
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Our mission at WorkPatterns

At WorkPatterns we work tirelessly to help teams to operate more effectively and with greater clarity by guiding and enhancing the relationship between managers and their direct reports.

The people management tool loved by managers and teams

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